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About me:

In December of 2010 Dachary and I mounted our motorcycles and skirted the oncoming edge of Snowmageddon as we began our 18,000 mile ride to the southern tip of South America. It changed everything in our lives and gave us a relentless passion for more.

When I'm not exploring the world, I'm writing: Software, Vim tutorials, or curated posts from the Scuttleverse but sometimes books and other written content.

Web Dev:

I started programming in the mid 80's. I've been doing it professionally since 1995. Over that time, I've come to the simple conclusion that languages and frameworks are largely irrelevant. The only things that matter are practice, discipline, and the ability to learn from your mistakes. Combine these things with a passionate concern for the experience of your patrons, and almost anything is achievable.

My Resume is available, should you be curious. Also in PDF.


I steal time from my myriad other projects to write. Like most geeks, I love to go off about the "best" ways to go about things, and writing is a way of sharing what I've learned. It's exactly the same when traveling. Doing it isn't enough. I want to share the things I care about and help others to succeed in them.

I've got blog, where I occasionally wax philosophical about life, business, code projects, and review a variety of things from books to software.

Some of the more notable online writings are:

Some of the aforementioned reviews:


I’ve worked for myself, and I’ve worked for others, but I’ve always got a few business ideas brewing. These days, they’re iOS apps and web sites, with an eye towards funding future adventures.

Contact me via Twitter or e-mail me.